My Valentine Surprise

Here's my Valentines flowers.Nice sent me during Valentines day.It was a nice feelings to receive flowers form my darling.Hehehe.You know I forgot the Valentines day cause I was very busy then when my friend Roxane told me I have fresh flower and stuff toy.I din't believe immediately because I wasn't expecting someone giving flowers during Valentine day.Eversince I haven't receive any flower from someone.But my friend insisted that it's for me.I really can't understand my feelings that I feel that there's someone love me and cares for me hahaha...It was a very handsome man.As I called him Nice.
I'm holding my Valentines stuff toy that was given to me by my nice.I'm so very happy that he gave me stuff toy and flowers during Valentines day . To receive gift from especial someone I love is a great joy to me.
I'm jumping when I receive the stuff toy hahha . Suppose to be they didn't take me pictures but because they saw me very happy they bought battery in the digital camera for me to have pictures hahhaha...
You are welcome!Thank you for the very pretty flowers.Nice..muahhs.. You are one in a million.


aesia said...

wow i can tell that you are really happy gyud dae mitch. hehehe abot gud sa dalungan ang ngisi...ka sweet sad sa imong palalab oi...ana gyud na ay dli ta ka explain sa feelings basta hatagan ta ug flowers and chocolates sa atong palalab...ako gani na mo tulo pa gyud akong luha..dont know why gyud. nahala cge oi. ayo ayo dinha.


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