My unforgettable ride with FC

You know today, I am thinking then it flash to my mind the trip when my FC was with me.I remember our tour in Bohol riding a motorcycle with my sweetheart.I have phobia in riding motorcycle because I experienced to have motorcycle accident.Fc as I called means foreigner chicken becos my sweetheart skin is white and having big muscles so its just like a broiler hahhaa...My older brother called the broiler chicken as foreigner chicken.I'm Fc called me also native chicken because my skin is very tan and you know that native chicken is small chicken like me hahahhaha...But one thing I didn't forget is that when my FC drive so fast I pinch his tummy so he knows that I want him to drive slow.I'm very much enjoy with him because he really love to laugh and smile.Of all the things what I love most is looking at his 2 cute eyes and pinching his nose...Hahahaa hay nako mga happenings ba lamang atong pagabalik balikan .Thanks for reading & viewing.God bless! La lang gud.


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