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Hi Gen thank you for remembering me,sorry that sometimes I wasn't able to do it immediately.

1. What’s your favorite color? blue,green &all cool colors
2. What’s your favorite quote? “Go Forward Never Backward,Later is the Reward."
3. Favorite television show? wowwowwee and all interesting show.
4. What part of the chicken is your favorite? any part not really on chicken
5. When you get a cold or the flu are you tough or a big baby? not sure.
6. Are you more serious or a big dork? in between hehehe...
7. Use one word to describe how you are feeling right now. Mix feelings.
8. Name your worst habit. blogging addict.
9. Name a book that you could read over and over again.love story and character building stories (murag bata).
10. Are you a collector of anything? not really much
11. What’s one of your favorite blogs to read? all blog of my friends that catch my attention.
12. Name one thing you are passionate about. singing and eating hehehhe...

Thank Gen,pass this tag to Glad,Joan,April


Florence said...

Hi there, I already linked your blog. pls don't forget to link me as well ha. Thank you and have a great day.


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