My Handmade Creations: Reborn, Pillowcase Dress, Cloth Diapers, Sleepwear & More

I'm very busy for the past few months. I sewed a lot, reborn 3 baby dolls and do other stuff. I will show the finished products. I sewed cloth diapers, pillowcase dresses, and many more. Last week, I reconstructed unused big t-shirt and use as my sleepwear, it's comfortable and cool to wear especially this hot weather. I am planning to have free tutorial for you guys but will see if I have free time to post the free tutorial.

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I sewed a lot of cloth diapers.

My toddler reborn Lady, she's wearing my handmade pillowcase dress, cloth diaper and headpiece.

Lady wearing zebra print pillowcase dress and cloth diaper.

My toddler reborn name Lady in her strawberry and polka dot peasant dress.

She's my newborn reborn name Love. I called her LOVE because I really love her because she smell and looks like a real baby. She's sweet one.

Here's couple of the three reconstructed t-shirt to my comfortable sleepwear that I made.


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