Looking the Jagna Pier Bohol

A very big smile...

get together in the living room.

It was taken during my vacation last May 2005.I went home and I was very-very happy when we get together.It's nice to be with you.It's because I'm far I only went home once a year or sometimes once in 2 years.I can't imagine my very big smile when I'm with you(family) ...hehehe it's just like ear to ear when I'm in your side.Miss you a lot though you are far from me but you are near in my heart.Across the sea there's someone thinking of you.Love you!


janine said...

hehe dae mitch i love all the pic you posted here..i understand how you feel..i was once a student and was far away from my family too..and now i am not just across the sea i am in the other part of the world..and yes i missed them so badly..cant wait to come home and spent time with them..eat all the food that i missed..anyway thanks for sharing the pic to us..you have a good weekened and happy sabbath..May our Good Lord will always shower his blessing unto us and will always keep us in His arms..mwaaahh


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