Enjoying Today

I am not so very busy right at the moment and my friend invited me to visit to go to her other friend. It was sunny day today and we have a lot of fun together with my friend and we're talking a lot of things that we enjoy so much. My friend shared her experiences when she worked as a self- supporting student in Mountain View College and also she work one of the city named Davao and during summer time she earned money by her own, and every summer she go out to sell book and magazines. It was a very nice experience of her and when she told me it's so very enjoyable to hear about her challenging stories. I am happy to be her friend because every time she shared her hard experiences it inspires me. I consider her story and experiences as a blessing for me to have courage a head.

So, today I decided to create my blog so I can write my experiences and happenings everyday. Then I can share also to my friend my stuff in here.

Ok hope you guys reading my blog have a wonderful day and the coming days to come. God bless you all!


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