Blessing of Maa'm Jean & Mel

Here's the pictures of the blessing ceremony of Maa'm Jean & Mel.Hehehe the SULADS are wearing their bandana as their gift from Maa'm Jean.We have a lot of fun.I hope you enjoy watching the pose...It's my first time to attend a blessings like this...as in full of custom naay native attire sa Manobo,then Muslim attire pod and many more...So unique super...


aesia said...

hmmmm! nice constume mitch...ifirst i thoght muslim kay kay ga purong man ka dha ug bandana hehehe.but u look great on it ha.
so how was ur christmas man? balitae sad me oist.hehe cge batrsi usa ko kay dia nag sakit akong papangig kina-on chokolet...hehehe!
advance happy new year!

Agring said...

Very interesting costumes. Was it a Wedding? Looks like you nhad fun!
Wishing you the best of 2007!

Malou said...

nindot ayo sa mga pics Mitch ang ato culture makita nako diri


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