CFO Seminar in Cebu

We just arrive from our seminar in Cebu. The seminar is in CFO in Ayaay Building Saint Mary building. I feel good at last we are almost done and we finish processing our fiancee requirements. Melissa process her fiancee and Vergie her spouse requirements.
We arrived in Cebu last Monday at 9am and directly we went to Sarrosa International Hotel and stay there for one night. In Tuesday morning we attended the seminar in CFO. The requirements were:

  1. 2 valid ID's
  2. photocopy of 2 valid Id's
  3. Authenticated Birth certificate
  4. Passport photocopy front and back.
  5. 250 for the registration
  6. photos of your fiance/spouse during his visit
  7. petition letter from your fiance
  8. certificate of singleness/divorce

I was disappointed because I wasn't able to met all the requirements. I lacked petition letter and certificate of singleness. Supposed to be I went to CFO when I got my visa but I attended the seminar because I was thinking that this coming October I'm very busy with my schooling. So,I prefer to attend the seminar earlier. I asked the in charge if I can get my CFO Certificate when I got the lacking requirements then she agreed.
So, I'm still thankful to God that they agreed and I can get my certificate and sticker too when I accomplish my papers.
Right after the deal we went to trans Asia ticket booth to buy ticket going back to CDO but the trip or schedule was cancelled due some circumstances. So,we stayed one night and 1 day in Cebu and stayed at Pacific Tourist Inn. We payed 600 php for one night and it is cheaper compared to like Sarrosa International Hotel we payed 3,200 php.

So as of now we are in Cagayan and preparing to go back to Valencia to start again our tiresome activities. Thanks for reading ....Life ba naman...full of challenges.


genny said...

Tag u napod regards...


Hi to all ! I would like to know even your married already, do you still need to bring the devorce paper even I have already the marriage contract with AUTHENTICATED FROM THE NSO AND legalized from the embassy in MANILA AND ALSO NETHERLANDS? PLEASE..REPLY I need your help..before I'll go to cfo. and I will attend the CFO JUST to change my status in my passport.


hello to all, I get married last 2009,May 21. and this week I would like to attend in CFO to change my status and get new passport.

Do I still need to bring a devorce paper copy of my husband even I have already a marriage contract and authenticated from the NETHERLANDS EMBASSY in Manila and also in Netherlands. I also have NSO marriage contract also with authenticated.

Michell said...

Hi Rosalie for sure just bring all the important document as possible. Yes better to bring the divorce paper.

Anonymous said...

hi sis im planning to attend the CFO seminar as well..ilang oras ka sa seminar?pls add me para maka pag chat tau.


Michelle said...

Hi Ann, sorry I'm not using my ym now. I think mga 2-3 hours yata yun. That was before but I don;t know now. I heard that it's days. Not really sure.


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