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Last week I'm thinking of posting something but ay naku wala pa gyud ko na presidente sige lang gyud ka (vice) busy.Hay life ba naman...As of this week grabe super murag na kutaw ning akong utok sa tesis paper.Promise I will not enroll thesis again after I can finish my book.But still I'm very thankful to my ever supportive thesis adviser Dr. Olive Vasquez for spending her precious time in editing my papers.

Mga friends sorry gyud na wala ko ka visit sa inyong mga house kay bus akong beauty hehehee..in demand man gud..hahhaa joke lang.But still I'm thankful to all my very sweet friends nga bisan wala ko mag visit sa ila house sige lang gihapon ug laa2x sa akong balay.

As of now,mao lang sa ni.Hay life ba naman.Pahungaw nalang kos blog hehehee...kalabad ba diay ning dita kahibalo mo grammar sa english uy...sige na ..uy ayaw sa mo katulog basa sa akong blog.Have a good day to all friends!!!


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