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Hello mga friends .Today,is a good day...After I went to my supervising teacher for my schedule for teaching I open my blogger and try other thing like opening my jaxter...I found out that it's a nice site most especially for us nga walay money.We can call our friends through jaxter.Try gani...I'm not advertising it but just try...

Today,I'm not so very busy just like the other week.We had classes and studying startegies how to manage students and classroom management and many more.I can say that it's not easy to be a teacher.Oh! my it's very challenging.By the way,I want to finish my studies here in Pinas cos I don't want to leave Pinas nga I didn't able to finish my studies kay sayang hapit naman pod.Even though I can't use it in USA.Atleast ma satisfy nako akong self working for 6 years being a working student.So, though dili magamit sa US but I want to reward myself through finishing my studies.So, as of now,mga friends sometimes ra gyud ko ka visit sa inyong mga blog.I'm thankful to all my friends na they keep on visiting my blog mao na rank 4 hehhehee.Time will come pul an mo nako sige lili hehehe...ok I have to get a going.God bless!


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