Our Last Day of Wearing Sch. Uniform

Hi just few weeks ago our teacher required us to wear our school uniform then we took a post for remembrance coz we can't wear our school uniform again when we graduate in college heehee...so here we are angayan paba mag uniform? Mao ni ang mga antique sa MVC.Staying at Mountain View College for long years ang uban 9,8,7,6 years it's becos we are working student.But atlast maka teach na gyud hahahhaa.God bless you guys.

Here we are again...ang mga antique naka uniform na.Hay salamat maka teach na gyud for long years na atong gi wait ni nga time...Halor....tarunga ug picture ba?

Home Economics Majors...what a poise uy Vergie & Melissa pls close your palda..hhahaa...Gusto2x man gyud magpapicture bisan nagkalisod pa posing man gyud...


genny said...

wow inggit ko ba maayo pamo kay naka graduate gyd ako whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.... hilaka gyd ko if makahinumdom ko...congats


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