Pizza Time

I'm glad that I don't have to work today not like the other Sundays. But it's good though for the paycheck but for now I need some rest.
When I wake up this morning I am planning to sew more cloth diapers. But instead I spent my whole time watching movie with hubby and making homemade pizza.

By the way, it's little bit windy today so we don't feel like going outside and walk around our parameter. We aim to walk at least 20-30 minutes everyday. For now, I tried to eat plant base diet after I learned that I have high bad cholesterol. After a month of trying not to eat fatty foods, I lost 6 lbs now. Then, hubby lost 17 lbs too so I need to learn how to cook a healthy food that is less in fats, salt and sugar. So we maintain our weight and low our cholesterol. I never thought that we will eat a strong plant base food and for the first time. We are meat eater and it's hard for us to change our lifestyle and it's so amazing that hubby and I did it. There's good side of not eating meat, I didn't experience bad cramps and terrible pain during my monthly cycle for this month. I think I have to stay in my diet now for the sake of good health.

Food for thought" You can do all things through Christ who gave me strength :)


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