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Outside the Nursing Home w/ Friends so happy...

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One of my favorite day is Saturday why? because I could be able to be with my love ones. To be with God, with family, friends and people in the community is my greatest joy. My friends, my hubby and I went to one of the nursing home in the city. They invited us to sing couple songs, I know we are not the greatest singers in the world but one thing I know that we sing songs for the glory of God. I saw teary eyes, when we sing the song entitled "Remember Someone is Praying For you" I know that some of the residence in the nursing home suffering from pain, their health problems and then they missed their families. They need to know that someone cares about them and praying for them. Sometimes I am tempted not to join the group because I need rest and I need to do some stuff but what is couple hours when I/we make people happy. After our program we drove home and we decided to stop by in the nearest lake in our place. I felt great and happy after that I can not hold my hand :) Hopefully we will visit again in another nursing home in a week and visit people in rehab center. Well, that's all for now. I need to finish my laundry and clean our kitchen before I forget. So see yah next time.


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