Change of Weather

For the past few weeks we enjoyed the beautiful weather outside. Hubby and I are spending our quality time together. We had dinner outside and we grilled and watch the sun set. I felt like it's spring for few months.

I took picture of us outside our lawn. I can say that not only the sunset is beautiful but it's beautiful because I spent time with my hubby.

then...after the picnic...snow was falling so hard.

We had 10-12" of snow.

I love the beauty of winter though I hate the coldness and I don't like driving on the slick road.
Now, the thick snow is still on the ground but the sun is shining so bright so beautiful.
As long as I'm warm everything is fine for me lol! Well, I hope you have a wonderful day!
Weather in Nebraska is unpredictable and the weather change very quick.


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