I'm Back

Hi! I just want to let you know that I'm still alive and kicking. I know that it's been a while that I didn't update this blog. I am very busy in my work and in my sewing carrier and other house chores. I found a job 3 months ago and since then I wasn't able to update not only this blog but my other blogs. But now I don't want to just have this blog and not updating it so here I am again. Back into my blogging world lol!

Well, I can not cover if I write down the happening for the past few months that I'm gone. But I pretty much sure that I am good and I did a lot of giveaways and memes for the past few months.

Maybe you wonder what kind of giveaways? I made a lot of handmade stuff and then packed for give away. But now, I have to sew more for order and giveaways again so please check for more handmade creations.

From now on, I will always update this blog promise? promise :)


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