Lifelike Baby Doll

At first I really want to have a baby and then it didn't happened. I question why I can not have a baby when I am okay. But then God's plan for us is different. I know it's not yet time because when it happen it happen. We are happy even we don't have small baby.

I really wanted to have baby models to model my handmade cloth diapers and dresses. So, I bought baby doll in the store but I am not satisfied by the looks it's really a doll. I want that it looks like a baby. I look online and found a reborn baby doll on ebay and guess what? how much it's $300-700. I can not afford to buy that much so I research how to reborn a baby doll. I tried and I'm glad I did it. Here they are, taa..dang...isn't that lifelike baby doll? Below are their photos. Just to let you know, I buy reborn kit in ebay and reborn it my own. Now I'm happy that I have models:) that way I don't need to worry about crying and complaining. They all are obedient to me lol!
Now, I know that I have crafty hands.

Lifelike baby doll.

In her girl outfit.

In his boy outfit and his diaper cover I made.

9 months old reborn baby doll in her cloth diaper.

I made her a halter style dress.

My newborn reborn baby doll in her pacifier.

I made her a OS all in one cloth diaper.

In their cloth diaper.

Pillowcase dresses that I made.


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