Remembering the past

Hi mga SULADS nig isip-ad konton no pagpitaw ko suni no video naka sinagaw ad.Kahinumdum ad to ka mga otao no pigserbisyohan ta rungan.Busa pigtako suini kay't blog ko.

Sulads means brother and sister in Manobo dialect when I'm thinking what to write my blog I remember to click this video.Then,when I'm looking the people in the video I'm remembering the past that I'm with them before for one year staying with them,eating with them.After 5 years of that I am not with them just this month I saw there video again and they make me cry.That I miss them so much...

pls click pics to view.


Agring said...

Nakahilak ko sa video Mich esp. by the kids. Real story ba yan?


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