Touching Story For Me

It's 9:22 am here and I am in a very deep thought. I remember my past life and it makes me realized how God blessed me so much. When I am looking at the webpage of my friends it seems like we have thing in common, like we have so many challenges in life and that trials always come in. Life is not so easy for me just before I came to MVC. I grow up in a family that can not afford to give you even sometimes a simple things that you longed for when you are still kid. I remember I have so many things that I wish to have when I am still young, not luxurious one but just a very basic things that kids want, like chocolates, dolls,candies , and so on..but those wishes are just dreams and carried by the wind. Well it doesn't mean that I blame my parents of our poverty before. But the good thing is I have parent who loved me.

I must tell that because of my faith in God I over come whatever it is, a life that I am hoping for. Now , I will share with you my life story. I can remember how I insist my mother to send me in Adventist institution(MVC) since she doesn't want me go far away it's not because of financial problem because I will work hard for it but because she will gonna miss me. I always find many ways so I can achieve my dreams and plans in life. I work after school when I'm in my final year in high school ( working in one of our teachers) so I can save for my fare and expenses. And because of that my mother seen my hard work so she finally allow me to leave our place. And from then on, my life started to change. My stay in MVC is not that easy for the first time. I had tried to work as a full timer in the barn- in sugar cane plantation, it wasn't that easy but when I asked God to give me work that is not hard He answered my prayer. I worked as a missionary that makes my faith more strong (ADRA). God is so amazing co'z He always do such a great things in my life.
I am so thankful for the people who helped me during my stay in MVC, without them I may not be able to come this far and above all, to our heavenly God.
I've done so many wrongs in my life when I stay out from school,.I started to act like non-christians but of course I still have my faith. I let myself to be engaged to something which is not supposed to..But I also have some reasons why it happens. I've have so many experiences in life that someone might hard to cope it, family,friends, love life I have different stories from all of that. But thanks God for I was able to carry different things in life and He always give chances to me. Those mistakes in life will never be happen again with Gods guidance..Thank you Lord for giving me this life that I had now, thank you for my loving husband and wonderful in-laws.I pray that you will always blessed our marriage and that help us to realized always that without you, we are useless.
Thats all folks! This is not my story but my friends story.

Written by: Jessel


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