Visiting the "Sulads"means Bro/Sis.

I'm spending my weekend in Sulads Comprehensive High School for the Lumads.I haven't visited the natives or the Manobos for many years so I missed them so much.We hiked for almost 3 hours going up cos it's raining and the trail was slippery.The normal hike is 1-2 hrs.I fall 2 times in going up to the High School but I enjoyed it a lot weird...When i reached the peak I heard the voices of the children. So, I was so eager to see them again for long years I didn't see them and esp. my students before. I was really touched when I saw them again...I was so very emotional that I can't hold my tears looking them especially when I can remembered their situation when I was with them for a year. How difficult and hard their situation and life in the mountain. While other people enjoyed life to the fullest here comes the natives and the manobos helpless and less fortunate. But I'm very glad that the volunteer teachers brought them in the jamboree. There teachers are very patient to them that they led and teach with no payment just to educate them and teach them how to read and write. I can see it in their eyes how happy the children are. They are attending the jamboree where they can see their friends and teachers in different literacy center in Mindanao. I took some pictures of the children. They were very much enjoyed attending the jamboree.

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Sulads VideosThe life of the SULADS...What is Sulads?to see more videos click sulads videos.Thank you for coming!


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