Makes Me Cry

Hi to all! L December 17. I was preparing 2 lesson plans for my 2nd & 1st yr high school class. Then, I had a hard time making my lesson plan cos there’s a lot of format to follow hahaha. I realized that being a teacher is not an easy task. Especially like me now I’m still practicing how to teach, I thought before that it’s easy to teach but but now I found out that it’s so hard especially when you are not master in the subject matter of the lesson.

To be a teacher requires patient, perseverance, self-discipline and many more. Ay naku! Now, I can say that being a teacher is a noble work. Why? There's no doctor, nurses, and many courses if there is no teachers. Though some people say mag teacher nalang ka. To continue hehehhe…I was much pressured on that day because in the morning I'm in my class for 3 hours then in the afternoon I went to school for my class again. I can say that I'm not prepared to face my class and for short I'm not doing my best. But I still met my students on that very afternoon. After that I was so shocked that the first comment of my supervising teacher. Know what the 1st comment was YOUR NOT DOING YOUR BEST! Then I got low grade. Oh! my I was very sad. I regretted why I’m not doing my best on that afternoon so embarrassing. It MAKES ME CRY. I learned a lesson on that very day that in everything that I do, do it with all my might. Whatever is the outcomes as long as I do my best I don’t have regret. So what about you? Did you do your best?If your not a teacher.So to be a mother,daughter/son, wife/husband and a friend? Have a good day!


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