Having words from my heart

One time I was lonely and that my dreams was far beyond my reach.I was depressed and don't know what to do,and I don't know where to go. One of my friend asked me to go to the computer laboratory,but I refused because not that I don't like to go there but it's because I don't know how to use the keyboard and computer to be honest hehehe.Then,when my friend went to computer laboratory I'm thinking so much that if I didn't try how to use the computer I'm behind of the technology. So, the second time my friend invited me to go I really say yes.So, I started to explore the computer. Then,I learned how to make my own blog .I asked one of my bisdak friend Ivy to change my blog because I don't know how to change the background and good that Ivy share her talent in changing the background of my blog. She's so kind and she spent her valuable time in making my first blog background without payment.So,thanks Dae Iv's for your kindness,your always remembered.She made this title Words From My Heart that I really like 100%.Seems that you knew that I have lots of words from my heart. I'm glad that you chose this title Words From My Heart . Yes I have lots of words from my heart and that words is thank you.


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