Working Hard

It is very windy today and the weather is not really as good as the passed few weeks. It's little chilly and cold and I always wear thick jacket all the time. But I wonder why my hubby is not wearing thick jacket like me. Right now he is climbing on the top of the roof to working on putting the tar paper to prevent the rain water to absorb the woods. It's not easy to climb on the top of the roof but it's really needed at this time. I told my hubby to help him out and climb too on the top of the roof. I think holding the tar paper so it would not blown away by the strong wind is what I can do. He didn't allow me though to climb. He is really hardworking man but still he has time for me even how busy he is. I'm thankful to have him in my life so gentle and responsible man God has given to me. Hope you have a good day!


Melissa said...

Wow I really appreciate how hard working you are girl. me too appreciate my self because I am a hard working girl too.
naako tag, i grab ha. pag comments dayon. thanks.

genny said...

naa pod ko blog award nimo hala grab gyd to....mga kugihan ba ninyo....


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