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My mother-in law and father in law visited us and they go back to their home this morning. I hope they're safe on their way home. The road is so slick this morning and it's cold outside grrrr...hope everything's fine. I miss them now...I am bored right at the moment and thinking to sew shirts for my father- in law and brother- in law. I hope I finish sewing their shirts before Christmas so I can give it to them as my Christmas present. I am thinking what to give to my mother-in law too (help :)))... the other night she asked me to have another grandkid that's what she want as her gift. Oh my goodness! that must be hard...she really is so excited to have another grandkid. She doesn't know that I am so stressed when my family and friends told me to have a baby. We tried our best but I don't know why it's 18 months already since we got married but still I didn't get pregnant. My doctor told me that I will get pregnant because theres nothing wrong after they see the result of my ultrasound. I don't know why I still didn't conceive until now is there someone can answer my question? Hahha by the way, I still belive God has His plan for us. I know it will happen in a right time.


malaysia baru said...

"Say: He, Allah, is One.
Allah is He on Whom all depend.
He begets not, nor is He begotten; And none is like Him".
(Quran: Chapter 112).


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