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I just want to express what I've feel right now because I feel that my heart will going to explode if I did not express my feelings and emotions. By the way, last November my father got sick and he had a very bad cough for a month and he’s also diabetic. When someone get sick in our the family it's really hard to just listen and not help. So, I sent money to my family back in the Philippines through xoom.com, an online transaction in sending money. Then, after few weeks after my father feels better my sister told me that my mother got sick for many days already and she was confined in the hospital.
So, I sent money again through xoom and at first in xoom everything is fine. Mom stayed in the private hospital for almost a week but the doctor said that she had acute Hepatitis A and the doctor recommended CAT scan. My sister who watched my mother transferred her to the government hospital because the private hospital is so expensive and there's no exact result.
They went to government hospital in our town but the hospital did not accepted my mom and my sister was told to better go to the city hospital which is located in Tagbilaran City Bohol.
The doctor told them that the equipment in city hospital was so much better and complete compare to the town hospital in our place. So, they went to City hospital in Tagbilaran City as what the government hospital told them to do. Lo and behold when they're in hospital in Tagb. the doctor did not accepted my mom. For the reason that she doesn't have CAT scan result.

My sister told the doctor that the public hospital referred to their hospital for my mom CT scan. But they did not accepted the reason. My sister and Aunt who are there insisted and told the doctor to admit my mom in their hospital so she would not be dehydrated. But the in charge told them that they don’t have enough room for my mom and he added that my mom still looks better compare to the other patient in their hospital.
Lastly, the doctor said that he would only accept my mom if she has CAT scan result.

When I called my sister she told me of what had happened and how the 2 hospitals send my mom back and port. I was upset and can not understand what’s going on why this town other hospital referred to the city hospital and after all the other hospital did not accepted the patient.
What a world! why they're like that, I'm really mad to be honest.

So, they don’t have choice my Mom, sister and my Aunt went back to the town hospital who referred them at first to city hospital. My sister supposed doesn't want them to go back to the town hospital because they came from there and also did not accepted my Mom at first.
But they don’t have choice because there’s no more hospital to go to. One of the very good woman doctor in the government hospital pitied Mom that she noticed the going back and port so she helped her out. She observed what really wrong in my moms stomach why when she took the medicine it did not digested to her digestive system most specially the hard pills. They stayed in the hospital for almost a week.
I called my sister and told her that if mama really need CAT scan I told them to just do what they can do and we will send the amount of money that they need. I don’t want to wait for more weeks and I want to know the result because the longer my mom stayed in the hospital the bigger the expenses plus, I want her to be heal.
After a week of observing, my sister asked the doctor if mama really need CAT scan so they will pay money to have CAT scan. The doctor said that they will draw blood first and see. Then they found out that mom doesn't have Hepa A as what the first private hospital told them at first.

I am very confused why the doctor in the private and 1st hospital that they been said that my mom have acute hepatitis When they don’t know it because they did not test my moms blood? I told to my family that do what is best for mama and we will try to send some money for the hospital bills. After that they forward my Mom to Cebu City in Vicente Sotto Medical Center.
When they arrived in Cebu the line is very long and many patient are waiting for so long and they said that you need to wait because first come first serve. Oh my goodness!

Even your patient is dying you will stay and full in line because there's patient a head of my mom. My mom can not stand waiting in the hospital because she really needs rest and she's little weak.
Instead they went to Cebu Doctors to stay and find a private doctor and when my Mom knew that the bill in the hospital for one night is very expensive she doesn’t want to be admitted there.
But my sister in law who accompanied my mom in Cebu helps her out to get the schedule of CAT scan. Finally they have the schedule of the CAT scan, but the hospital asked them to pay first.
So I sent some money through xoom for the payment of the CT scan that day and but they told me that they did not receive the money that sent.
I checked the status in xoom where I sent the money and I found out that there’s one letter mistake of the name of the receiver that instead of "c" i wrote it "g" so I called xoom customers service right away just to change the wrong letter.
I started to contact from 4:30 am and keep on calling until 8 am and to my frustration no one answered my call. Then I called back again in the afternoon and the same thing happened no one answered me. I decided to sent email to xoom customers service and asking them to change the one letter name mistake. I am hoping that they would e-mail me back because it was written in there website that mostly they will respond mail after 2 hours and that they have 24 hours service. But to my dismay it took me more than 2 hours to wait them to respond my e-mail. They really asked me to confirmed if really I am the owner and I did confirmed. They respond me back after 4 times of sending them e-mails to just to wait for 1-3 days.

In the next day I checked if they changed the mistake but still they didn’t changed. Yesterday I decided to cancel the transaction because I found out that it took so long to change and I am thinking to cancel it. This early morning I checked it again if they cancel the transaction and finally they cancel but the refund is in progress.
What a world! My family really badly needed the money for my Mom hospital bills. Because of that the CAT scan was postponed. Then they waited for 3 long days before they get the money… I am so much disappointed. I know that it’s not xoom fault that there's 1 letter mistake on the name of the receiver. But in times like these it's really important that my family really get the money.
I write this post because I just want to express myself and just want you to be aware that xoom is okay but their customers service is not as quick to answer. I hope you will learn from my experience to be careful especially in spelling. The xoom.com is a very good way of sending the money online though.

I told many of my friends to send in xoom.com before because it’s fast and easy. They said that it is easy but you have to be careful because it is hard to contact their customers service and it takes 3 days for me to wait.

One of my friend told me that she sent money to her niece for enrollment payment in school. She paid almost $14 to send so it’s quick and they can pick up the money after few hours. They put that you can get your money after few hours but she said that it takes 3 days for her niece to receive the money. She said supposed they would not put that you can get the money after few hours if you will receive the money after 3 days.

By the way, my mom is still in Cebu City right now and they find a way to borrow money for CAT scan which I'm glad. They will return the borrowed money after the xoom refund my money. I am waiting today and hoping that they will completely refund my money so I can send it again to my family and pay for another fees of $14. I am thinking to send the money to money gram or I will find a different one.

I hope my mom CAT Scan result is okay I pray. Then the doctors will accommodate not only to the people can pay them but to all who needs them.

Hope you understand my English it's really from the heart...I hope you will pray for my mom. Thanks for being patient in reading my blog.


momgen said...

Pray without ceasing life ana gyd daghan probs...


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