More Than One Million

Last night was not a good night for us because we had winter storm. It's so cold and mostly when the weather is cold I feel sluggish. When it's warm I am active and energetic. I don't know what's the connection of the weather to my body but I feel that way.
In the other hand, my husband is busy researching and looking for a very good water pump for his next year activities. I am closed to him and I have very cold feet and I felt that I am not so active just sitting beside him. So I push myself to arranged the new fabrics that I bought in the store. Then, cut some of the fabrics so I can sew another dress or diaper today.

We are very quite inside my small sewing room for few minutes, while hubby use my computer. Then suddenly it came into mind that I would suspense hubby... I told him if that I won more than one million jackpot prize. He looked at me and said oh! your kidding me. I told him that I am not kidding him and I am sincere. He said yes it's nice to win more than one million and that we can pay all our bills and no need to worry about it. Then, I said yes I did win more than a million. I smile at him and hug him so tightly and I said yes I won, I told him that his worth more than one million and I'm very sure I won more than one million. He laughed and hug me...so our drama end up that way.

I just sometimes crazy especially all is quite and when I understand that he/she has problem. I want to divert it into laughter so when hubby came home from work with heavy face. I smile at him and told him that he looks so cute when his face is so heavy. He said ding-dong and then laugh hahaha... When I heard him laughing and I laughed too. Well, that's the flavor of life, I love fun and I don't want to worry when we have financial problem. I think that if I worried a lot and it helps me so I will worry for 1 week. But oh no! it didn't help me so better not to worry.
Ok I have to get a going before I have dilerio.


kay | brochure printing said...

Awww, that is so sweet of you. I think that its a good attitude you have, because that would make life easier than usual. It really helped a lot if you have a very positive outlook in life because with that, you will see your problems and misfortunes in a different way. And I must say, that you really inspire me.


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