Never Give Up

Each of us have plans, goals, ambitions and dreams in life. For me, my goal and dream is to serve God and to be a missionary to His people, then graduate in College, marry the man in my dream, and help my family and help the people who are in need when I can.
Now, I'm very thankful to God for helping me to fulfill all of my dreams and goals in life. I believe that when we put our plans, dreams in God's hand and we believe in our self that all our dreams become true in his will and time. I been through a lot of difficulties and hardship just to fulfill dreams in life. Praise to God he hears my earnest prayers and help me.

I became a volunteer in the mountain and reaching the uncivilized people in the mountain.
Teaching the adult and children how to read and write.

I graduated in my college by the grace of God in heaven.

Marry a wonderful man in my dream.

The video below is the story of a Filipina singer name Charice. He never give up her dreams in life and now watch her video what can you say. If she is successful now or not, let me know what you think. Enjoy!


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