Poor Heart

I was lonely and sad
Life was terrible and bad,
Then I closed my poor heart;
I almost became mad.
Then you came on my way
And promised to love anyway,
You brought sunshine for me;
Then I loved you come what may.
But you`ve changed so soon
Love flew like leaves in the automn,
Dark clouds covered my poor heart;
And the rain came very hard.
My heart was terribly broken
It would never beat again,
When you threw the love away;
Hope was gone on my way.
So if you want to go
Because you loved her so,
If she is more than I do;
Get out of my way and go.
So you want to go my dear
I don`t need you anymore here,
You just make my heart broken;
And made me cry again.
By:Ruvilyn L. Sona


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