One Slice of Buko Pie

When I arrived yesterday afternoon from our long trip.I think it takes about 7-8 hours from Matutum View Academy going back to Mountain View College.We stayed MMA for more than a month in our practicum there. So, what I did after I arrived I put aside my big stroller bag on the floor and sleep for whole afternoon cos I'm tired. Plus I'm not 100% feeling well cos of my monthly sickness came. I woke up in about 5 o'clock in the afternoon and looking for food to eat. I ate already before I slept but still I'm still craving food again hahhahaa...Coz when I escape eating my breakfast,or lunch I feel hungry for the next day.So, that's why I avoid not skipping my meal so I will not starve again.
This morning I starving food again and I wake up late because I got up at 3 am then I fall asleep after that so I found out that its 7 am already. I rush to the fast food and good that my favorite buko pie is displayed so I eat like a horse then I'm filled up lol!. Lesson to learn I don't wanna miss my food to avoid my bad respond of my body craving for many days even I'm full already hahaha.

kasabot mo? haha


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