My Stuff and Busy After the Wedding

I just wanted to give thanks to all my friends who is always visiting my blog.Last week I'm quite busy in preparing our wedding.
Then,now after the wedding I'm gone for a week for our honeymoon.When we come back from our honeymoon I do a lot of work like laundry and cleaning inside the house.
Oh boy!the house was very messy and I really can't take sleeping a disorganized room. So what I did was cleaning even now I'm not yet done my cleaning. My husband was very busy since he came back from the Philippines last April and he was very busy when I arrived in US cos we contacted the wedding participants and busy..busy:).I understand him so much that he couldn't clean the house.Plus he was little disappointed of his garage too.His garage was blewn down by the wind and the other 1/4 of the garage was standing but before our wedding the angry wind blew it again and it was totally down for the second time.Mostly here in Nebraska during spring and summer we're rich in air and sometimes there is severe thunder storm warning and tornado too.But so far God protected us not hit by a bad tornado.He lost his 8,000$ on that garage.I encouraged him that we still can build another new garage.

I wanna apologize for not visiting your blog and for not updating and adding some of your names in my list.Promise I will visit your blog soon and add you in my list of friends.Hope you will still visit my blog.


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