Pink Mini Cooler Fridge

Our weather here in Nebraska is so unpredictable. This morning is cloudy and then right now is snowing. Every day the weather here is different. But I still I went to my dentist appointment for it's so important for me. But before I went to my appointment I dropped by the nearest thrifty store to look around if I can buy fabrics. The last time I went there I bought a lot of fabrics and it's cheaper and it's cute. When I looked around I found a pink mini cooler fridge bag and there is still tag on it means never been use before. I don't have baby right now but I love the pink bag plus I love the light pink color so grabbed it before anyone can get it. It's cute little pink mini cooler fridge. By the way, I list some of the items in my ebay shop for reasonable prices so don't forget to check out my website at www.bunnzoo.us



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